Our decision to start this business was based on our own experiences of trying to eat clean and healthfully while studying, working, raising children, and working out. Meal prep can become time-consuming and difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle, and (not  prepping) can lead to a disastrous road of poor eating habits that help to sabotage your success in the gym.

 We understand the importance of proper eating to reach your goals in the gym. we offer a solution to limited time and provide you with nutrition-packed meals that will help you maintain/reach your fitness goals. 

Whether you have limited time, limited kitchen experience, or limited knowledge of what to eat...we are here for you!

 All of our meals are geared towards people who want to eat clean and seek to live a healthier lifestyle.  Our belief is that if you begin the day prepared, you will be successful in reaching/maintaining your fitness goals. We will prepare you for that success.

 Eating protein-rich, well-balanced meals will also erase the temptation to eat and snack on the foods that cause our failure. We make eating properly a convenient experience.

Our desire is to provide you with meals that allow you to achieve greater success in the gym, and/or more consistent weight loss. We thank all of you for the positive feedback, and we cannot wait to see all the good that our meals and company will bring to your lives. ---Julia and Ian