We at MUNCH have so many customers who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. We truly love to help all of our customers to the best of our ability when it comes to macros, and healthy eating. However, we know that there are many people who struggle to get on track, stay on track, or don't even know where to begin. Which lead us to these two incredible coaches! We decided to partner with Harley & Hannah to bring our customers the opportunity to participate in their 6 week challenges. We truly believe in these ladies and their mission ! 

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Feeling confident in yourself isn't just skin deep, it comes from within. It's what you make of it, rather than your outward appearance. There are people that would fit the portrayed picture to society as "perfect" who aren't confident in themselves at all and people who appear to struggle with confidence, who are the most confident people you have ever met. No matter where you stand, we want to help you build and grow to be your most confident self implementing this as a lifestyle rather than a "quick fix".


The Confident challenge is for those that are looking to find the confidence within themselves physically and mentally. These challenges aren't just about winning prizes and competing against other challengers, this is about competing against YOU. Your competition is your consistency, your discipline, the unhealthy eating habits you have, and all the habits you have developed over the years to get you where you are now. The work it takes to rebuild new, healthier habits is your real competition.


The Confident challenges roll around once every 9-10 weeks. They are 6-weeks long - available in coached and non-coached (see website for details). Every challenge can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. They are both beginner and advanced friendly to help accommodate the experience level you are at with nutrition and activity. Our goal by the end of each challenge is to have you more educated on how to sustainably live a healthy lifestyle for YOU and your goals and to have you feeling more confident with yourself.


Your goal becomes our goal. Let's crush those goals together.

XO, Harley & Hannah